Friday, September 5, 2014

Absolute favorite FALL beds!

It’s a super exciting time here at Luca Headquarters.   In my opinion, change is always a good thing, and the changing seasons are no exception!   The crisp cool air, warm earthy colors, and the pups seem to be enjoying a little less heat.  We have been planning fall fashions for over 6 months, and FINALLY, the leaves are a fallin’!   

Here are a few of our absolute favorite beds for fall...

If you love earthy warm colors, you will definitely love the new Solids, available in both the popular Luca Nest and the NEW Crate Cuddler.  For a tweed textured look, check out our new Oyster and Cobblestone, both represent the warm collared sweater look for fall.

We love the Luca Nest for its cozy bolster wrap-around, and triangular center pillows that keep fiber in its rightful place.   The NEW Crate Cuddler is seriously our most prized possession right now.  Crate training has never been more comfortable with our extra wide bolster, and soft orthopedic center pillow.  I love how lightweight this bed is, which also makes it a perfect travel bed.    

Does your pup just sink into the super plush cuddle fabrics, and wouldn’t expect anything less?  Try out the Luca Nest and Crate Cuddler in our Luca Chinchlla fabrics.
After Labor Day Sale is now on.  All Solid Luca Nests are 20% off, yeah we said it!  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dog Personality Drawing

Welcome our newest personality ad, Ozzy, our aspiring artist. He is much more free spirited than our venture capitalist, Bentley. Of course, Ozzy digs his Funky Mutt sheets, loves bones and good vibes. Check out Ozzy and Bentley up close and personal on our website at

Dog Personality Drawing

We want to hear all about your best friend. Is he or she a rockstar like Ozzy, a little more on the classy side, or an all out ham? Post a photo on our Luca For Dogs facebook page, along with the unique personality traits of your pooch (i.e. hobbies, favorite toy, bad habits, funny stories, etc.). All entries are entered into a random drawing to win a Luca Studio Mat. Deadline: 5/31/11- do it now!

Ozzy is featured in the spring issue of The Modern Dog magazine. Bentley was featured in the winter issue.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sneak Peak at Spring Fabrics

It’s my favorite time of year again at Luca headquarters. There is nothing more exciting than adding new fabrics to our current collection. The process takes several months and is never easy, but so much fun! It takes a lot of staring, many wardrobe changes, and then one day, the decision is final.

Criteria for choosing a pattern that is simple, sensible, and stylish:

1.) Must look stunningly gorgeous, regal enough to display, or just plain adorable.

2.) Preferably goes well with more than one lounge bolster. I love to mix and match. It's what Luca beds are all about.

3.) Washable and dryable fabrics are a must! Nothing more to say there.

Let the preview begin...
Here are a few of my personal favorites. Could you see any of these patterns in your home? Would your precious pooch look gorgeous on one of these beds? I really think they're fabulous, but I have enough dog beds, so what do YOU think?

Name That Print
Do you have a special talent for naming fabric? What feelings do these fabrics stir up in you? We would love to boast about your creative names, so please share.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's For Dinner

What is it about the New Year that kicks everybody into high-gear? While it was simple for me to get my priorities straight (at least for now), it was surprisingly a little more complicated to get my dogs living their best 2011!

Healthy, Affordable Food

I’m mostly talking about their diet. It seems to be what everybody is talking about these days: organic, raw, home-cooked, filler-free, the list goes on and on. I’ve actually been steaming vegetables for the past year to help my Pitty keep her girlish figure (post two ACL tears). I am committed to the cause, but wanted to step up the kibble, if you know what I mean. With all of the great choices, I was seriously overwhelmed. Is the most expensive really the best? How can you go wrong with middle-of-the-road? Raw food and two large dogs, I knew it wouldn’t fly. I wanted quality, affordable, simple food.

When In Doubt, Ask The Experts

Retailers, like Pussy and Pooch in Long Beach, are quick to recognize the confusion. They have launched an annual Pet Wellness Campaign, bringing in experts in nutrition and health. My Pet Naturally in LA, is also leading the way with great information on their website. It’s actually not that difficult to get quality information and quality food for your pets.

Ask the experts at your local retailers or vet. Plus, some great sites are putting together great content. Big box stores are carrying higher quality foods, but it seems the strongest opinions are coming from reps pushing their own products. You can certainly do your own research.

We all love making our pooch's day with a special treat or two. I like the colorful blog for their reviews on the latest treats and food. also gives a super-thorough review of four-legged foods.

Share Your Ideas

If you have a great nutrition tip, or nutrition website, spill it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lucky Dog: Ads That Inspire

One of my goals this year is to get the word out about Luca Beds and our unique concept. Our first print ad was featured in the fall and winter issues of the fabulous Modern Dog Magazine. Whenever I see great ads, I always wonder about the process it takes to come up with great material.

I am fascinated with creative minds that capture the attention of millions with just the flip of a page or a 30 second spot. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. New Zealand Lottery's "Lucky Dog" My all-time favorite for dog-lovers.

2. Old-school ads from The Doggie Stylish Blog. These really take you back to the good ole dog days. How food has changed!

3.'s 70 Creative Advertisements That Make You Look Twice.

As for the Luca Ad Campaign, we will run a series of ongoing “dog personality” ads via print, website, mailings, etc. Every dog has a story, right? Bentley, our “Venture Capitalist,” was our first dog personality. “Ozzy” the rock star will be featured in the Spring issue of Modern Dog Magazine - wait until you see this one! (Thank you, Deborah Lawrence-Templin, for your amazing talents.)

If you have a dog that you think is worthy of his/her own ad, send it in to We will choose the winning pet personality, to be featured on our Facebook page once a month. The winner receives his/her own Luca Bed with extra cover, of course!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Ideas: Make It Personal

Since it’s holiday time, I couldn’t resist but talk about a few of my favorite things this year. In traditional Luca Style, they are all practical with a fabulous design twist.

Personalized Doggy Stamp

First, I love, love, love this personalized doggy stamp. You send in a picture of your pooch and it is transformed into a stamp for all your mailings. So many of our homes revolve around our four-legged family members, so give them a little more respect with their very own stamp. Stamping also saves on the hassle of making labels, which I seem to be scrambling around doing too much of the time.

To order, contact Laura Taylor at or email

Modern Dog Gift Tags

Give your gifts a little pizzazz (did I just say “pizzazz”?) with these Modern Dog gift tags. You print and cut them out, my favorite part. Anything that’s easy, I love. I’m not the best at it, but when I receive a gift with a little extra love put into the wrapping, it does make it extra special. D.I.Y. Holiday Gift Tags are featured in The Modern Dog Magazine.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Runaway Train

Most people who find out I have a business selling dog beds say, jokingly, “one day you just decided to start a dog bed business?” I usually say, seriously, “yeah, pretty much.” Then I proceed, with as few words as possible, to explain the actual reason why I dove into this little business of dog beds (not so little it turned out).

Why Dog Beds?

I began sewing sheets for my dogs’ beds about 5 years ago after realizing that I needed a cover that was easy to wash. It was a runaway train from there. Seriously, I couldn't get this fabulous idea out of my head. Slowly, I began to take it to the next level, over and over and over again, until Luca For Dogs was born.

People who know me know that I can become a little obsessed when I really want something. In my early twenties, it was a red jeep wrangler, and now in my thirties it’s dog beds. (With two kids in between.)

I honestly cannot live without my dog bed sheets, and that’s why I started Luca. I love my home, but I'm definitely not obsessed with cleaning it. I just appreciate when something makes my life a little easier. If you appreciate a beautiful home, don’t enjoy the thought of washing your dog beds, and most importantly, love your precious pets, you will appreciate Luca dog beds.

To read more about the background of Luca For Dogs, see our latest fabrics, and the dog who inspired the company, visit our website.

Above: Our most popular bed and fabric - Chocolate Lounge/Daisy Dots Cover.